We have many great new products in the works. We would love to hear from you, our valued chargehr05customers, on which fitness bands you would like to see us carry next. Please join our anonymous poll and vote for your favorite fitness tracker. We will be adding new FIT ID tags based on your top selections. Make your voice heard — vote now. 

We want to be indifferent on the device, we simply want folks to be safe and have their data with them all the time, not just when the work out.   We want that ID tag to be Human Readable, non-intrusive and attractive.  To that end, we have designed the ID tags to be simple and appealing.

New Designs!

In addition to supporting new styles of fitness bands, we have several new designs in the works. 

  • Stainless Steel (The Work Horse) $14.99
  • Sterling Silver (The Pretty Boy) $24.99
  • Silver (The Special) $34.99

All of our products are custom engraved with your information shipped FREE to you within the continental US!