At Fit ID, we love to work out! We are avid road cyclistschargehr02 that are on the road several days per week – when family, work and other activities do not get in the way.  We rack up lots of miles, both locally and not so locally. We want to be safe, so we try to remember to take our other ID band with our emergency contact information engraved on it; but like you, we are busy.  Sometimes we simply forget or we just do not want to add that extra tan line.  What is the big deal when you are with your friends?  If we get hurt, they should be able to help.  But, do they know the right person to call? Do they know what information to provide to first responders?  Will your friends remember your allergies?  What do they really even know?  After thinking about it and talking with our friends, we soon realized that even though we work and play with close friends; they do not always know all of our emergency and critical information.


We are smart and we should know to always have our information with us.  Things happen, but we are not always prepared.  It could be at work, popping out to lunch, over at a friend’s house, walking the dog or any time we are out and about.  So we started to question how we can always have the information with us.  We looked down and found the answer right on the wrist.  It is our fitness tracker. Let’s face it; we are all addicted to our trackers.  Whether dressed for success or play, the tracker is always with us. We love to measure, compare, compete and track our activities. Heck, we even track our sleep!   Trackers are always with us, so why not let them do double duty?  Let’s combine our fitness tracker and the emergency ID tag into one unit.   A perfectly simple combination.  It will always be there, right on the wrist to ensure we receive the most knowledgeable care possible.

At Fit ID, it is our goal to ensure everyone has their critical, personal emergency information on them at all times, regardless of whether at home, at work, or at play.  We believe the best way to ensure that we always have our information with us is by attaching it to our fitness tracker.  We want you to have peace of mind.   Always there, always safe. Fit ID.   Forget those multiple bracelets.  Forget those extra tan lines, forget forgetting.  Put a FIT ID on your tracker and forget it.

Your fitness tracker and Fit ID are a winning combination. ALWAYS THERE, ALWAYS SAFE.


Fit ID is kicking off our website.  We are beginning the IDflex03 tag combination with the Fitbit FlexTM, Fitbit ChargeTM and the Fitbit ChargeTM HR[1].  Once these accessories are launched, we will move to other trackers.   We will have a comment form on the website to allow the public to help us decide which tracker we should move to next.   We want to be indifferent on the device, we simply want folks to be safe and have their data with them all the time, not just when they work out.   We want that ID tag to be human readable, non-intrusive and attractive.  No apps and extra hardware.  To that end, we want the ID tags to be simple and elegant.  To appeal to the attractive side, we will offer ID tags in stainless steel (the work horse), Sterling Silver (the pretty pony) and Silver (the classy).  All the ID tag will be custom laser engraved with your information.

Our mission

Our objective is to provide an affordable emergency identification tag on every person that owns a fitness tracker.  We believe that people have a strong connection to their fitness trackers. When we affix a SIMPLE, HUMAN READABLE identification tag to the tracker, we enable the fastest, most reliable communication of critical lifesaving information to first responders.

[1] Fitbit products are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Fitbit Inc. in the United States and/or other countries.  Fit ID is not sponsored, affiliated or endorsed by FitbitTM